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“Burn the witch”: With Radiohead's eerie return, they've lost none of their strange magic

Between its use of strange instruments (ondes Martenot, anyone?), songs about paranoid androids and karma police, or its selling an album on a sliding scale, Radiohead has been one of the most enigmatic bands ever to become popular. Over the last few ...

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PETA's None Too Pleased About That 'Silicon Valley' Horse Sex Scene

HBO's breakout tech sitcom Silicon Valley finished last Sunday's episode with a bang. Specifically, a bang between two mighty horses; in what might be the single most graphic sex scene ever aired on the premium cable channel, a stallion mounts a mare ...

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A special treat for your Tuesday – all the links with none of the commentary

The Spokesman Review (registration) (blog)
Seattle SuperSonics fans, from left, Kris Brannon, Kenneth Knutsen and Jason Billingsley react to the Seattle City Council's 5-4 no vote Monday against vacating stretch of road where investor Chris Hansen hopes to build an arena that could house an NBA ...

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Pastor Craig Groeschel: None of Us Are Born Racist; It's a Sin Issue

Christian Post
Racism isn't a skin problem, but a sin problem, and we as Christians need to learn how to combat such sinful behavior and spread the love of God to everyone, preached Pastor Craig Groeschel.

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