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1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

Civilization: Beyond Earth and the Physics of Space Travel
If the universe is as teeming with life as we expect it is, then why do we not have indisputable evidence of alien civilizations? Or, as physicist Enrico Fermi asked, "Where is everybody?" This question is at the heart of the Fermi paradox. Science ...

1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

Road Trip to the "Secret City": Atomic History in Oak Ridge, Tenn.
Huffington Post
Once inside X-10, the space provided an authentic look at the first permanent nuclear reactor after Enrico Fermi's Chicago Pile. The space is remarkably well preserved, even though plutonium production ended in 1963. The dominant feature of the ...

1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

The Search For Extraterrestrial Civilizations' Waste Energy
MIT Technology Review
Hart's paper addresses the Fermi paradox named after the physicist in Enrico Fermi who famously asked: if intelligent aliens exist, where are they? Indeed, Hart's arguments have become so famous that the problem is often called the Fermi-Hart paradox.

1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

Enfield Board of Education discusses early high school sports merger
Hartford Courant
Enrico Fermi and Enfield high schools are scheduled to be consolidated in 2016, following the renovation of Enfield High School. Earlier this year, the board attempted to consolidate the two high schools' sports programs this fall as a cost-saving ...

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