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1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

Derek Muller Recognized as 2016 Recipient of the Richtmyer Memorial Lecture Award

Physics Today
... communicated those contributions to physics educators.The previous recipients of the Richtmyer Award include Sir Michael Berry, Brian Greene, Kathryn Moler, Vera Rubin, Alex Filippenko, Arthur H. Compton, Enrico Fermi, Philip Morrison, and Steven Chu.

1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

For Fermi Students, The Last First Day As Schools Open In Enfield

Hartford Courant
In fall 2016, all Enfield Public Schools high school students will attend classes at Enfield High School, leaving Enrico Fermi High School empty. The board must decide whether to keep the building an educational facility or turn it to the town for a ...

1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

After a Weyl

The term fermion was coined by Paul Dirac, after Enrico Fermi, who in 1928 came up with the equation that describes the behaviour of electrons in the relativistic regime. In doing so, Dirac predicted the existence of antimatter, and provided a ...

1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

Oppenheimer, Martinis, and the Atom Bomb

War on the Rocks
Austrian scientists Hahn and Strassmann discovered that the neutron actually cleaved atoms in half, and the Italian Enrico Fermi was beginning to examine heavy elements such as Uranium. By 1938, many of the scientists began to flee Europe for America, ...

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