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1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

Opinion: Space: the final frontier and capitalism's greatest opportunity

asked Nobel physicist Enrico Fermi. Our human race has only been around for maybe two million years, equivalent to a fraction of a second in cosmic time. Nobody's out there, anywhere. We send coded messages to aliens on other planets. But no returns.

1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

How nuclear power-generating reactors have evolved since their birth in the 1950s

The Conversation US
Nuclear energy started beneath the football stands at the University of Chicago. That's where, in late 1942, a group of scientists under Enrico Fermi created the first nuclear reactor. Like all reactors that followed, this one split fuel atoms into ...

1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

United Bank Foundation announces academic scholarships and vocational ...

Hartford Courant
... Catholic High), Evan Riesbeck (Tolland High), Brandon Piris (Northwest Catholic High), Kyle Wesley (Ellington High), Evans Genece (Hamden High), Patrick Mockler (Manchester High), Jeffrey Noonan (Bacon Academy), Quinn Gaston (Enrico Fermi High), ...

1938 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Enrico Fermi News

Front Row: 'Grease' meets 'Little Shop' at 'Zombie Prom'

Pensacola News Journal
It's the 1950s, and the primary setting is Enrico Fermi High, where the ridiculously prim and proper world ruled over by Miss Strict (Jamilah Muhammad) is set against a decidedly spoofy take on the cold war/nuclear threat mentality of another era. The ...

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