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1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Us vs universe: Unfuzzying the uncertainty principle
New Scientist
IN FEBRUARY 1927, a young assistant to the quantum pioneer Niels Bohr had a brainwave about why measuring electrons provided consistently fuzzy answers. "The more precisely the position is determined, the less precisely the momentum is known in this ...

1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Enigmatic Object Observed --"May be a Supermassive Black Hole Ejected Into ...
The Daily Galaxy (blog)
An international team of researchers led by Michael Koss, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, ETH-Zurich, along with researchers from the University of Hawaii and Allison Man from the Dark Cosmology Centre at the Niels Bohr Institute at the ...

1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Developing world: Far-flung physics
The seeds of the ICTP were planted after the Second World War, when physicists including Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer and Niels Bohr championed the concept of a United Nations-backed centre to promote peaceful nuclear-physics research.

1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Imagination is limited, not physics
Deccan Chronicle
However, the debate on the foundations of quantum theory between Einstein and Niels Bohr very clearly brings out Einstein's discomfort at the “strange” ways in which measurements and motions of microscopic particles had to be handled and the ...

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