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1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Spying on malaria parasites at -196 Celsius

Malaria research: By combining two advanced microscope techniques an international team of scientists led by postdoc Sergey Kapishnikov from the Niels Bohr Institute has managed to obtain new information about the ravaging mode of operation applied by ...

1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Immortality & Mind: Dalai Lama Brainstorms the Universe With Russian Scientists

Sputnik International
She cited Niels Bohr, one of the pioneers of quantum mechanics, who said that the observer is a part of the scientific paradigm and that the results of an experiment are influenced by the person who conducts it, and Albert Einstein who called the ...

1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Science News in Brief: Vikings return to Copenhagen and Jutland – but come in peace

The Copenhagen Post - Danish news in english
Researchers at the X-ray and neutron science department at Niels Bohr Institute under the leadership of post-doc student Sergey Kapishnikov have developed a technique to do just that using liquid nitrogen. Because the temperature is so low (minus 196 ...

1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Why thinking differently is the key to being smarter in business

SME Magazine
Nobel Prize-winning Danish physicist Niels Bohr knew that there was more to thinking than logically applying what you previously learned and American businessman and inventor, Thomas Edison, allegedly displayed a sign in his workshops encouraging his ...

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