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1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Questions and answers with A. Douglas Stone

Physics Today
Third, Einstein, Schrödinger, and De Broglie had very few students and no “school” that followed them, in contrast to Niels Bohr, Max Born, and Heisenberg. Hence the next generation was not educated in the history of the development of quantum ...

1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Allvar Gullstrand: Swedish Nobel Prize Winner With Complicated Legacy

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Dr. Oseen had another objective in pushing Einstein's nomination: He also wanted to see Niels Bohr receive a Nobel Prize for his new quantum theory of the atom, which Dr. Oseen felt was “the most beautiful of all the beautiful” (Europhysics News 2005 ...

1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Robert Naumann, physical chemist, dies at 85

Princeton University
During sabbatical-year leaves, he often conducted research in Europe, including at CERN in Geneva, the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and at the Technical University of Munich. Twice, Naumann received the Alexander von Humboldt Senior U.S. ...

1922 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Niels Bohr News

Is String Theory About to Unravel?

Niels Bohr and a generation of intrepid explorers ventured deep into the microrealm, where they encountered quantum mechanics, an enigmatic theory formulated with radically new physical concepts and mathematical rules. While spectacularly successful at ...

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