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1921 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Albert Einstein News

Meet the Persian kitten that looks like ALBERT EINSTEIN thanks to his impressive white fluffy moustache

Daily Mail
An adorable Persian kitten has been dubbed an Albert Einstein look-a-like thanks to her impressive fluffy moustache. Ten-month-old Teddy, sports fluffy white facial hair, which stands out against her long blue-grey fur. Teddy lives with her owner Kara ...

1921 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Albert Einstein News

I found a strange connection to Albert Einstein in a professor's 1967 birthday gift from John Coltrane

Businessinsider India
I expressed how I thought the diagram was related to another and seemingly unrelated field of study-quantum gravity-a grand theory intended to unify quantum mechanics with Einstein's theory of general relativity. What I had realized, I told Lateef, was ...

1921 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Albert Einstein News

Scientists Score $3M Prize for Confirming Albert Einstein Theory of Gravity Waves

Researchers who helped detect gravitational waves for the first time, confirming part of Albert Einstein's theory in a landmark moment in scientific history, will share a $3 million Special Breakthrough Prize, according to the prize's selection committee.

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1921 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Albert Einstein News

Albert Einstein, Up Close and Personal, Now Online

Seeker (registration) (blog)
The items at alberteinstein.info include a rare manuscript wth the formula Einstein proposed in 1905 to explain the theory of relativity, E=mc2, where E (energy) equals mass (m) times the speed of light in a vacuum (c) squared. The collection also ...

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