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1912 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Gustaf Dalén News

Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony Honors the Hilarious Side of Science
Much like its slightly more famous counterpart, the Nobel Prize, the Ig Nobel Prize is bestowed upon those who have recently made significant contributions in such fields as chemistry, physics and biology. However, Ig Nobels tend to go to scientists ...

1912 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Gustaf Dalén News

George Zweig's Brilliant Intuition And Van Hove's Horrible Censorship
Science 2.0
One year ago I had the pleasure to spend some time with George Zweig during a conference in Crete (ICNFP 2013). He is a wonderful storyteller and a great chap to hung around with, and I had great fun in the after-dinners on the terrace of the Orthodox ...

1912 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Gustaf Dalén News

BioSolar Names Nobel Laureate Dr. Alan Heeger and Dr. David Vonlanthen as ...
Marketwired (press release)
... for his pioneering research and co-founding of the field of semiconducting and metallic polymers, Dr. Heeger is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2000), the Oliver E. Buckley Prize for Condensed Matter ...

1912 Nobel Prize Physics Winner Gustaf Dalén News

What Is the Universe? Real Physics Has Some Mind-Bending Answers
Stanford physicist Leonard Susskind and Nobel prize winner Gerard 't Hooft have each presented calculations showing what happens when you try to combine quantum and relativistic descriptions of space-time. They found that, mathematically speaking, the ...

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