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Intro做自由、独立、智慧的中国好青年,做有思想、有品位、有视野、有情趣的精品订阅号。 明龙按语:. 感谢冯军旗博士授权中国好青年转发此文。冯军旗博士的《中县干部》、《新化复印产业的生命史》在学界引发了巨大反响,冯博 ...

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Travis Kalanick steps down as chief executive of Uber

The Economist
“WE HAVE a lot of attention as it is. I don't even know how we could get more,” Travis Kalanick, the boss of Uber, said last year. The ride-hailing giant found a way. Mr Kalanick failed to manage the fallout from a series of high-profile blunders and ...

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Taco Bout Delicious: Chorizo-Spiced Cauliflower Tacos

One of my favorite soup recipes is this one I made a few years ago that I titled Chorizo-Spiced Squash Soup. It is vegetarian, with not a lick of actual chorizo, and instead plays off the borrowed spices used in chorizo. I was obsessed with turning ...

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Boys at Exeter academy wear skirts in uniform protest

BBC News
Some 30 boys have worn skirts to school in protest at being told they were not allowed to wear shorts. The pupils from ISCA Academy in Exeter asked permission to modify their uniform because of the hot weather. One of the boys who took part in the ...

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