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2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

As Publishing Industry Courts China, Authors Speak Out Against Censorship

In his novel Sunset Park Paul Auster included a mention of the imprisoned Chinese poet Liu Xiaobo. His Chinese publisher indicated some changes might be necessary but Auster says it wasn't until he got a copy of the Chinese translation of his book that ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

China's Invisible History: An Interview with Filmmaker and Artist Hu Jie

The New York Review of Books (blog)
Though none of his works have been publicly shown in China, Hu Jie is one of his country's most noteworthy filmmakers. He is best known for his trilogy of documentaries about Maoist China, which includes Searching for Lin Zhao's Soul (2004), telling ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

Harper proving weak on governance, even weaker on courage

iPolitics.ca (subscription)
JFK's unoccupied rocking chair following his assassination meant the end of Camelot. When imprisoned human rights activist Liu Xiaobo was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, it was placed on an empty chair reserved for Liu. But what does Stephen ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

Joan Baez and Ai Weiwei receive 2015 Amnesty International Ambassador of ...

Amnesty International USA
Hundreds of activists in China have been detained since President Xi took power in November 2012—and many still languish in jail from before then, including Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Liu Xiaobo. Activists detained over the last year include:.

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