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2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

China, the West, and Leverage

National Review
My guess is, Republican donors don't like the idea of “Liu Xiaobo Plaza,” because they want commercial relations with China. They fear that honoring a dissident will endanger commercial relations. I doubt this is so. The Free World has more leverage ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

The Quiet Death of 'Liu Xiaobo Plaza'

National Review
Readers of National Review are well aware of “Liu Xiaobo Plaza.” We have editorialized in favor of it, and I have written about it from time to time. A bill has passed the Senate. It has apparently been killed by the House — the Republican House ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

Activists keep the spotlight on China's imprisoned Peace Prize laureate

Nikkei Asian Review
Six years ago, Chinese literary critic and poet Liu Xiaobo was unable to attend the awards ceremony, as he was locked up in prison in northeastern China. Today, Liu remains the only Peace Prize laureate behind bars. His wife, Liu Xia, was unable to ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

China Holds 38 Journalists Behind Bars in 2016: Press Freedom Group

Radio Free Asia
Chinese journalists currently behind bars include writer and literary critic Liu Xiaobo, who won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti and several students who helped him run the Uighurbiz website, and Tianwang rights website founder ...

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