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Liu Xiaobo

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2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

Welcome Back, Cuba!

New York Times
After all, the Chinese Communist Party is still solidly in place, and even imprisoning the great Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo. Yet these encounters are if not lethal, at least corrosive. China has become less monolithic because of its ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

Nobel leader hits back at critics

Views and News from Norway
Jagland also addressed the controversy that erupted after jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, for his efforts to promote human rights in China. Chinese government officials immediately froze diplomatic relations with ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

A Chinese Dissident's Plea for Freedom and Love

The Atlantic
Five years ago this month, the writer and professor Liu Xiaobo was tried and sentenced to 11 years in a Chinese prison. His crime: authoring and promoting Charter 08, a manifesto that appeals for freedom of expression, democratic elections, and human ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

El Nobel Liu Xiaobo pide al mundo desde prisión que no se olvide de los presos ...

Europa Press
El encarcelado premio Nobel de la Paz chino Liu Xiaobo ha conseguido enviar un mensaje a un amigo que vive fuera de China, en el que asegura que está bien, pero que el mundo no debería olvidar a otros que, como él, están en prisión. El escritor Liao ...

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