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2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

It is time to stop the shameful kowtowing to China – before it is too late

Hong Kong Free Press
The world should meet jailed Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo, the brave lawyer Gao Zhisheng and the blind activist Chen Guangcheng. The world should call for the release of Gui Minhai, one of the five Hong Kong booksellers abducted by Chinese agents in ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

New Zealand Caves to China

Human Rights Watch
Even deciding whether to congratulate imprisoned dissident Liu Xiaobo's 2010 Nobel Peace Prize seemed fraught for New Zealand. New Zealand won't get what it wants out of its bilateral relationship without significant political reform in China, and ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

Say no to China's membership on the UN Human Rights Council

Washington Post
During those three years, China repeatedly defied the worldwide demand to release Chinese democracy pioneer Wang Bingzhang and continued to imprison Liu Xiaobo, remaining the only country detaining a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Coming on the ...

2010 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Liu Xiaobo News

Vladimir Putin just won an international peace prize

Washington Post
That prize was founded by a small group of self-proclaimed “patriotic scholars” and served as a rebuttal of sorts to the Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded to Chinese dissident writer and activist Liu Xiaobo in 2010. The Confucius Peace Prize, like ...

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