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2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Trump, Clinton Latest Election Votes 2016: Who Won The Popular Vote? 7 Million Ballots Remain As Gap Widens

International Business Times
Clinton's lead has already exceeded the 540,520-vote gap former Democratic candidate Al Gore maintained over former President George W. Bush before the former conceded in the 2000 election. This year's election results roll in as protests continue ...

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2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

George Soros Bribed Al Gore Millions to Lie About Global Warming

Neon Nettle
Newly leaked documents from whistleblowing website, DC Leaks, reveal that Liberal billionaire, George Soros, used his Open Society Institute to pay Al Gore $10 million dollars per year to lie to the public about the effects man-made global warming has ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Al Gore reaches out to work with Donald Trump on climate change

Former Vice President Al Gore picked himself up after his controversial presidential election loss to George W. Bush in 2000 and became an internationally respected champion for the climate. But convincing President-elect Donald Trump of the urgent ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Al Gore Says He'll Work With Donald Trump on Climate Change ...

Gore has long been an advocate for fighting rising temperatures.

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