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2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

ERNEST ISTOOK: California protects the chickens, Al Gore targets the humans

Washington Times
But while 300 million chickens get more living space, Al Gore and friends want 320 million Americans forced into cramped living quarters — to save the planet. Animal-rights activists push to let free-range chickens wander about, but Mr. Gore and ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Al Gore + Pharrell Williams Reveal Live Earth Climate Change Concert In June

Former Vice President Al Gore is teaming up with the popular musician Pharrell Williams, among others, to put together a Live Earth music event that's intended to spur action on anthropogenic climate change, according to recent reports. The concert is ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Al Gore, Felipe Calderon Want to Spend $90 Trillion to Eliminate Cars

NewsBusters (blog)
The $US90 trillion cities proposal came from former vice president Al Gore and former president of Mexico Felipe Calderon, and their colleagues on the The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. That group hopes to persuade the world's leaders ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Al Gore is still kicking butt as a climate warrior

The news from Davos last week — that Al Gore is reviving his Live Earth music festival, and that Pharrell Williams will serve as creative director — should make everyone … happy. Not just because it will reach millions with a crucial message, but ...

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