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2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Al Gore Might Want to Oppose the Prosecution of Exxon

Patriot Post
For example, Al Gore made statements that were demonstrably false in “An Inconvenient Truth” and he's continued to double-down on the Chicken Little rhetoric. Is it just a coincidence that he's a senior partner in a venture-capital firm that invests in ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Popular Fossil Fuel Advocate Offers $100K To Al Gore For Global Warming Debate

Daily Caller
Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore (C) speaks at a news conference with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (L), Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell (R) and other U.S. State Attorney's General to announce a state-based effort to combat ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Missing Al Gore's Activism? Ferguson Is the Answer.

Willamette Week
Jane Goodall and an Oscar-winning director revamp climate activism in "A Time to Choose." A Time to Choose. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter. Share via Email. Share on Whatsapp. Share on Tumblr · Share on LinkedIn · Share on Google Plus.

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

2000 Ohio presidential election results; George W. Bush defeats Al Gore, Ralph Nader (photo gallery)

CLEVELAND, Ohio - George W. Bush was in position to win the presidency in 2000 with the controversy in Florida because he also beat Al Gore in Ohio. Bush beat Gore in Ohio, 50 percent to 46.5 percent, with Green Party candidate Ralph Nader picking up ...

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