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2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Al Gore's climate-changers at EPA hearings foiled by cool temperatures
Washington Times
The Climate Reality Project, founded by former Vice President Al Gore, launched its “I'm Too Hot” campaign last week as “a rallying point for action in the face of rising temperatures driven by climate disruption,” according to the press release ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Blood and Gore: 'Capitalism is in danger of falling apart'
Financial Times
He was not the first and would not be the last Goldman alumnus to set up his own fund, but he garnered more attention than most because his co-founder and the company's chairman was Al Gore, the former US vice-president. A few years later, Mr Gore ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Al Gore 2016: Support Starting To Build For Another Presidential Run
The Inquisitr
She's vulnerable to somebody who's got what Gore has. Again, he's won Iowa, he's won the national popular vote, and he has a history with [the Clintons] that could animate a run.” The idea of Al Gore running in 2016 has also energized environmentally ...

2007 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Al Gore News

Al Gore is the single-issue candidate we need
And America needs Al Gore to make a bid for the White House because of his unique credibility on anthropogenic global warming. As the EPA explains on their website, a failure to reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere will have a devastating effect ...

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