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1995 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Joseph Rotblat News

100 Years of War – 100 Years of Peace and the Peace Movement, 1914 – 2014
Center for Research on Globalization
Since 1975 the Nobel committee in Oslo seems to have commenced a tradition awarding the prize for nuclear abolition every ten years following: in 1975 the prize went to Andrei Sakharov, in 1985 to IPPNW, in 1995 to Joseph Rotblat and Pugwash, in 2005 ...

1995 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Joseph Rotblat News

Nuke abolition confab planned for Nagasaki in November 2015
The Japan Times
The Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, the organizer, and Joseph Rotblat, its late cofounder, jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995. The 55th Pugwash Conference was held in Hiroshima in 2005, bringing together some 170 scientists ...

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