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1995 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Joseph Rotblat News

Kerry in Hiroshima

World Socialist Web Site
On Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry visited the Japanese city of Hiroshima, the target of the first nuclear bomb ever used in wartime. On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the city, killing between 70,000 and 146,000 ...

1995 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Joseph Rotblat News

8 things you may not know about British history

BBC History Magazine (blog)
Joseph Rotblat was born in Warsaw in 1908. By 1938 he had a PhD from Warsaw University and was making a name for himself as a physicist. Rotblat came from a Jewish family and as the clouds of war gathered over Poland he was offered a fellowship by ...

1995 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Joseph Rotblat News

The Urgent Need For Complete Abolition Of Nuclear Weapons

Joseph Rotblat, a Polish scientist who had resigned from the Manhattan Project for for moral reasons when it became clear that Germany would not develop nuclear weapons, was asked to appear on a BBC program to discuss the Bikini test. He was asked to ...

1995 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Joseph Rotblat News

White House: Obama's Mosque Visit 'Fits in Constellation' of Religious Freedom Events

PJ Media
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