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Óscar Arias

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1987 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Óscar Arias News

From O.J. to 'Serial': We're All Armchair Jurors Now

Daily Beast
Before Casey Anthony was splashed across the cover of People magazine; before CNN was dissecting every detail of Jodi Arias' volatile relationship with her ex-boyfriend, the O.J. Simpson trial set a new precedence for transforming the criminal justice ...

1987 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Óscar Arias News

Not Just Ayotzinapa: A Day in a Narco-Ravaged Mexican City

Huffington Post
She frowns. That restaurant was burned to the ground a few months ago. I ask about another- its owner was kidnapped, so it closed. My brother drops by. I ask how his scar is doing. He did get shot only a year ago. But he escaped the kidnapping, at least.

1987 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Óscar Arias News

Court Eyes Use Of Hypnosis In Pedro Hernandez Case

Huffington Post
NEW YORK (AP) — As one of the nation's most infamous missing-child cases heads toward trial, a court is looking at a tool used long ago in the decades-old investigation: hypnosis. Prosecutors asked a judge Monday to bar any mention of hypnosis — or ...

1987 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Óscar Arias News

Thousands of skin, eye burns linked to indoor tanning

The injury findings "are not surprising," says dermatologist Darrel Rigel, a clinical professor at New York University Medical Center in New York. "The burns I've seen have been pretty intense, the kind that can leave a scar," he says. "It's a serious ...

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