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1986 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elie Wiesel News

The Danger of the Me Too Campaign

Commentary Magazine
Elie Wiesel is gone from this world. He can no longer defend himself, proclaim his innocence, declare that Listman's tale is a false one. Or, if she is to be believed, if he is guilty, he can no longer apologize. This is a moment when accusers are ...

1986 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elie Wiesel News

Student successfully petitions to have history class offered in spring

Daily Free Press
In order to get the class on the spring registrar, Michael Zank, a religion professor and director of the Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies, said he recommended to Werner that she find a way to demonstrate sufficient student interest in the course.

1986 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elie Wiesel News

Correcting Elie Wiesel

Arutz Sheva
Some people have too much time on their hands and so it was that one particular intellectual thought it was time to bring down Elie Wiesel a peg or two. In an article that ran with too many words – even one would have been too much – the intellectual ...

1986 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elie Wiesel News

Elie Wiesel-emlékérmet bocsátott ki a román jegybank

A romániai származású Nobel-díjasok előtt tisztelgő numizmatikai sorozatot indít a román nemzeti bank, amely elsőként a tavaly elhunyt Elie Wiesel Nobel-békedíjas író, holokausztkutató tiszteletére bocsát ki emlékérmet - derült ki a pénzintézet ...

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