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1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Chris Hedges And Robert Scheer Assess The Merits Of A Life Of Virtue In A World For Careerists

Huffington Post
This was a time when half of the country was landless; they had risen up against the oligarchs; the death squads were killing between 700 and 1,000 people a month, backed by the Reagan administration. And so, yes, I did well; but I was never a ...

1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Blythe Junction was a wild place

One was a vicious-looking sidewinder snake and the other was what Sheriff Wilson described as a “touchy” scorpion. ... If you have an idea for a future Back in the Day column, contact Steve Lech and Kim Jarrell Johnson at backinthedaype@gmail.com.

1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Popes, Pilgrims, Poland and Panama

National Catholic Register
Usually curators want originals, not copies, but at the center of Maria Mater Misericordiae was a complete 1-to-1 scale plaster replica of Michelangelo's Pietà from St. Peter's Basilica. Millions have seen it in situ, elevated, from a distance, behind ...

1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Hitler's philosophers

BBC History Magazine (blog)
Alfred Bäumler was a crude interpreter of the cult 19th-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. From a meagre unknown, he underwent .... Adolf Hitler's egotism on the subject of philosophy spread to a fantasy that he himself was a great thinker ...

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