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1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

ESR | July 27, 2015 | 360 years since the Swedish siege of Czestochowa, and 11 ...

Enter Stage Right
It was a huge symbol that galvanized resistance to the Swedish occupation across all of Poland. On April 1, 1656, the Polish King, John Casimir, proclaimed the Virgin Mary the Patroness ... In 2005, on the 350th anniversary of the siege, the Poles ...

1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

BACK IN THE DAY: Racer zoomed into Riverside in record time

Carlson was a member of the Maxwell racing team, and his run to Riverside likely was done to publicize the opening on Jan. 1 of the new home of Riverside's Maxwell, Reo, and Chalmers automobile dealership at Eighth and Lime streets. Maxwell Motors, a ...

1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Malaczynski, 73, climbs to record heights as a runner

During his younger days in Poland, Gerard Malaczynski was a prominent figure on the Polish National Mountain Climbing Team. He recounts spellbinding stories detailing arduous efforts to reach some of the world's tallest peaks. ... Malaczynski's youth ...

1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Ghanaian Aziz Tetteh tastes competitive action for Lech Poznan in 1-0 win over ...

Ghanaian midfielder Aziz Tetteh was a 73rd minute introduction for Lech Poznan as the Polish side recorded a 1-0 victory over Sarajevo to progress to the next round of the qualification series. Poznan took the lead in the game on the 33rd minute thanks ...

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