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Lech Wałęsa

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1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Metrosexuals be gone: Europe is agog for beards
Lynchburg News and Advance
Although democracy leader Lech Walesa sported an impressive walrus moustache, most communist-era workers were clean-shaven. Peterkin said the .... He was a 25 year member of the Millville Fire Department where he served as Deputy Chief. He was a ...

1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Accuser to Bill Cosby: Take Up For Women, Try to Do Something Heroic
Entertainment Tonight
Every celebrity who knew Cosby at the time knew he was a lech, but they're not going to touch it. Can't afford to. The court of public opinion was, and is presently, a vital consideration in the world of entertainment. Some of his victims told no one ...

1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Major pro-life groups call for a national strike and protests to end abortion
... and the American people understand the urgency of ending legalized pre-born child-killing. It is time that the successful strategies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Polish Solidarity Movement led by Lech Walesa and Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko be ...

1983 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Lech Wałęsa News

Romney talks religion at Brigham Young University
Daily Herald
That theme was a major focus of his remarks at a Brigham Young University forum address Tuesday. However, he emphasized balance is not enough. For instance, he said if someone does poorly ... Romney told of numerous notable people he was able to meet ...

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