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1971 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Willy Brandt News

The Patriarch of Germany

Macau Daily Times
1973 was the fateful year in which the Günter Guillaume Affair broke, leading to the resignation of Willy Brandt, Chancellor of West Germany and Nobel Prize winner. It was a time when the West Germany football team reigned supreme, captained by Franz ...

1971 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Willy Brandt News

Political hold muzak: An easy-listening CDU, an ambient SPD

Deutsche Welle
Or do chancellor candidate Martin Schulz and the fine folks in the Willy-Brandt-Haus think that this sort of ambient electronica is what kids listen to these days? I went even further to the left: to the Left party, the successor to the former East's ...

1971 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Willy Brandt News

Vučić in der Rolle des serbischen Willy Brandt

Seitdem wird Vučić unter europäischen Diplomaten sogar mit Willy Brandt verglichen. Brandt machte Anfang der 1970er eine Kehrtwende in der Ostpolitik – "Wandel durch Annäherung" genannt. Vučić, der in Serbien die große Mehrheit der Bevölkerung ...

1971 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Willy Brandt News

Working To Get Memory, And The Past, Right

Jewish Week
... Germany was guilty of unprecedented crimes against humanity. A series of German leaders, from Konrad Adenauer to Willy Brandt to Helmut Kohl to its current chancellor, Angela Merkel, has skillfully guided the country down the path of historical ...

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