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1971 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Willy Brandt News

Willy-Brandt-Schule in Styrum feiert 30-jähriges Bestehen

Das feiert die Willy-Brandt-Schule, so heißt sie seit 1993, eine ganze Woche lang. Bereits am Montag startete eine Projektwoche zum Schuljubiläum. Am Donnerstagabend werden geladene Gäste vom schuleigenen Catering bekocht und mit einem ...

1971 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Willy Brandt News

Akio Takamori's Drawings and Sculptures of Men Apologizing

He found Japanese car-company CEOs, who often bowed, and whom photographers seemed to enjoy portraying at strange angles. He clipped those out, as well as pictures of the historic moment in 1970 when German chancellor Willy Brandt dropped to his ...

1971 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Willy Brandt News

Détente Now: A New Call for Peace, Security, and Cooperation

The Nation.
In Germany, the equivalent policy, Entspannungspolitik, was crafted in the 1970s by Chancellor Willy Brandt and his close adviser Egon Bahr. Their “Eastern Policy” promoted rapprochement as a means of gradually changing the behavior and views of the ...

1971 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Willy Brandt News

Jon Fosse wins German honour

Views and News from Norway
Acclaimed author and playwright Jon Fosse has won the 2016 Willy Brandt award for his work to promote relations between Norway and Germany, the German Embassy in Oslo said in a press release on Friday. Jon Fosse is this year's winner of the German ...

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