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1970 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Norman Borlaug News

'The End of Plenty' author Joel Bourne, Jr: No GMO 'damages' but 'no great ...

Genetic Literacy Project
Norman Borlaug dreamed of taking the rhizomes from legumes like soybeans and peanuts, which can take nitrogen from the atmosphere, and transfer them to grains like wheat, rice and maize, so that poor farmers around the world could grow these crops ...

1970 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Norman Borlaug News

Spending by Left-Leaning Mega-Foundations Deserves Equal Scrutiny

Reason (blog)
Chef Dan Barber, in his book The Third Plate, quotes the Rockefeller family historian, Peter Johnson, describing the "green revolution" of super-productive wheat and rice crops developed by Rockefeller Foundation-funded scientist Norman Borlaug as "a ...

1970 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Norman Borlaug News

Founder of Anti-Poverty Charity BRAC Wins World Food Prize

Chronicle of Philanthropy (subscription)
The prize, bestowed annually by a Des Moines, Iowa-based foundation, was created by the late plant scientist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug to honor work that improves the quality and availability of food. A former oil executive, Mr. Abed ...

1970 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Norman Borlaug News

Science's villains, heroes

Daytona Beach News-Journal
Others in the site's top 10 include the creators of water chlorination and vaccines, as well as Norman Borlaug, credited with saving at least a quarter-billion lives for creating more abundant wheat strains and sparking the so-called “Green Revolution.”.

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