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1970 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Norman Borlaug News

Alison Van Eenennaam Wins CAST Award
With her many talents, Dr. Van Eenennaam represents the true nature of the award inspired by Norman Borlaug. One of her colleagues summed up her impact this way: “Her creativity and personal talent to engage and communicate have enabled her to ...

1970 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Norman Borlaug News

The World Food Prize's disservice to Borlaug
I don't like to rain on a parade, but I feel compelled to join with those expressing some reservation over the near-deification of Norman Borlaug. In the Des Moines Register, Sharon Donovan wrote an article that, ever-so-gently, called attention to the ...

1970 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Norman Borlaug News

Delivering on Norman Borlaug's call to action
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Unfortunately, today, we are failing Borlaug's vision to “take it to the farmer.” Fertilizer, for example, is the most basic of agricultural technologies. It was first mass-produced by Carl Bosch 101 years ago – the year before Borlaug was born. Yet ...

1970 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Norman Borlaug News

Hunger speaker: Don't expand ag land, use current land more efficiently
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
The series is named for Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, the Cresco native and Nobel Peace Prize winner who developed new wheat varieties and improved crop management practices that are credited for saving millions of lives in Central America in the 1940s and ...

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