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1968 Nobel Prize Peace Winner René Cassin News

On Hold: Merkel Gives Putin a Blunt Message
Wall Street Journal
Just another example, really, that the west can never take peace for granted and that peace without real military strength combined with morals, judgement and determination is a myth. There is always someone or some thing or some group that is going to ...

1968 Nobel Prize Peace Winner René Cassin News

Israelis wish Kerry would just go away
For those who care to take the partisan blinders off and look at the Nobel Prize committee for the left-wing trophy factory it has become, it is no surprise that Al Gore also won a Nobel Peace Prize. His was for pushing “facts” about global warming ...

1968 Nobel Prize Peace Winner René Cassin News

Jewish Advocate
'IDF DESERVES NOBEL PEACE PRIZE'. Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer made the above comment, saying Israeli Defense Forces soldiers try to spare innocent Palestinian lives, while Hamas uses them as shields. Pictured above ...

1968 Nobel Prize Peace Winner René Cassin News

Nobel Peace laureates mentor youths through PeaceJam
Christian Science Monitor
Today, Suvanjieff is co-founder and president of PeaceJam, launched 18 years ago with the backing of 13 Nobel Peace Prize winners – including the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu – who work through the organization to mentor, inspire, and guide youths ...

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