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1962 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Linus Pauling News

The antibodies that were invented to help immunologists find GOD

The Conversation UK
The instructional theory was championed by no less a person than two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, while Macfarlane Burnet (also a Nobel Prize winner) was the key proponent of clonal selection. The makers of the film followed Pauling, though, ...

1962 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Linus Pauling News

Watson and Crick did not discover DNA

American Council on Science and Health
In fact, Linus Pauling proposed a model (a triple helix model) for the structure at about the same time as Watson and Crick. But, Pauling himself did not have access to what Watson and Crick did - the lab notebooks of Rosalind Franklin which held the ...

1962 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Linus Pauling News

KITCHEN SHRINK: The crowning glory of broccoli

La Jolla Light
Recent studies coming out of the Linus Pauling Institute have also shown that concentrated amounts of the phytochemical sulforaphane contained in broccoli sprouts selectively seeks out and destroys cancer cells without causing collateral damage to ...

1962 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Linus Pauling News

Hadley invites families to feast on 'The Apple'

Chadds Ford Live
Notable past performers have included Martin Luther King Jr., Linus Pauling, Julius Erving, Marian Anderson, Alex Haley, Norman Cousins, Ogden Nash and Gloria Steinem. More recently, Hadley seasons have included lectures by Stephen Kress on puffins, ...

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