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Economics Daily Digest: All the performance pay, none of the performance
Daily Kos
Eric Chemi and Ariana Giorgi report on a new analysis of data on the relationship between company performance and CEO pay, which shows no relationship between the two factors. Roosevelt Take: In his white paper, William Lazonick explains how ...

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John McTernan: None bigger than Gordon Brown
History is rarely about the actions of a single person, but sometimes it is. Few believe that there would have ever been an independence referendum without Alex Salmond's leadership of the SNP. But to every irresistible force there comes an immovable ...

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CEOs get paid a ton, Mary Poppins makes almost none
As the song goes, "Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!" That is, unless you're getting paid the federal minimum wage like Mary Poppins. Or, rather, Kristen Bell as Mary Poppins in a Funny or Die video poking fun at how difficult it is ...

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Top Four ways to build a successful garden, none of which involve a green thumb
National Post
While some people are obviously better at gardening than others, I've come to realize that gardening success is possible for anyone with the energy to work and a heart that's thrilled by beauty. The green-thumb myth comes down to nothing more than ...

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