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California Aims Retirement Plan at Those Whose Jobs Offer None

New York Times
Couples along the beach in California, where a mandatory, state-run retirement plan will call for employers to automatically enroll workers, then start deducting 3 percent from each paycheck. Credit Mike Blake/Reuters. California is preparing to create ...

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'The adrenaline rush is like none other'

Deccan Herald
'The adrenaline rush is like none other'. Tini Sara Anien,August 26, 2016, DHNS. Racing ahead. energetic Shreya Sundar Iyer. For biker Shreya Sundar Iyer, who is into racing, the sport gives her the rush she loves. This 25-year-old, who is the first ...

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'Ain't No Fun If The Homies Can't Have None': Rape Culture In Rap ...

Hip Hop has a problem with songs about "running trains" with no regard for consent.

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Great Falls recycling options are few to none when it comes to plastic and glass

KRTV Great Falls News
Steel, Etc. office manager Kory Hastings says they accepted some forms of plastic up until last month. Pacific Steel and Recycling branch manager Aaron Hartnell says the company is the only location in Great Falls to take in plastic items, excluding ...

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