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Farage to EU: None of You Have Done a Proper Job in Your Lives

Washington Free Beacon
One of the chief engineers of Britain's landmark decision to leave the European Union caused an uproar at a special meeting of the EU Parliament on Tuesday to address the UK's exit, drawing boos as he lambasted the body for failing to help British ...

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Malawi: 'None of the Current Flames Players Would Have Made It Into My Team'

Lilongwe — Asked what he thought of the current Malawi national football team, fondly known as 'The Flames', he gave a damning opinion of it. "None of the players [in the current squad] would have made it into my team," he said. I had just left my ...

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Swamy spares none: How Vajpayee became target of his attack

Hindustan Times
On his erstwhile Janata Party's website, Subramanian Swamy described himself as “some kind of Clint Eastwood who single-handedly can destroy someone, or at least his reputation.” He almost did so in his recent attacks senior government officials ...

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Nigel Farage: 'I know that none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives'

Irish Times
Jump to comments (0). This video also appears in: David Cameron faces EU leaders amid Brexit fallout · June 28, 2016Police in Britain investigate spate of racist incidents since referendum decision · 'You're not laughing now' – Farage teases European ...

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