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Remember all, forget none this Memorial Day in Alaska

Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: It's fitting that summer begins on Memorial Day, when we remember those who paid with their lives to keep our summer of freedom. Pictured: Laddie Shaw, a veteran of the Vietnam War in which he was a combat swimmer with Underwater ...

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Those who have none have George and Co.

The Hindu
The woman sat there, at the corner of a street in Punjagutta, old and haggard, and unable to move or eat. And 29-year-old Rachna (name changed) knew something was seriously amiss. Not knowing what to do, she finally managed to get the number of ...

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After Break Up With Selena Gomez, Zedd Now Busy With Nina Dobrev!

Times Gazette
If you think Selena Gomez is the only one who's enjoying life after breakup with DJ and music producer Zedd, then you might be surprised to know that Zedd is also getting his share of amusement in the breakup! Well, it seems that while Selena is busy ...

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May 24, 2015 in Undictated // Gay marriage: Church none too happy as Ireland ...

The signs were auspicious from the start, and Ireland has become the first country to allow gay marriage by popular vote. The once-omnipotent Catholic Church has been left reeling at what has been called a 'seismic blow' to its authority, a consequence ...

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