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AWTRY: All or none?

Scottsbluff Star Herald
This “All or None” thinking is Washington's biggest problem. Bipartisan solutions to the major issues facing America seem nonexistent. Immigration reform is one such challenge. Everyone in Washington knows our immigration process is broken, but the ...

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Keeping the beat in Bemidji: Bands such as None The Less find a home a Toddy's

Bemidji Pioneer
None The Less recently recorded an EP to be released in the spring but the group stays busy performing live. And they've found a relatively close place in Bemidji to hone their sound. None The Less's next performance is set for Dec. 5 at Toddy's Pub ...

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Gale Rainey: Disability none of reader's business

Redding Record Searchlight
It's none of your business as to what my disability is, whether it's visible or not, and you have no right to ask. That is a subject that is between me, the Department of Motor Vehicles and my doctor. The state of California gives me the right to park ...

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Etiquette: Combination card is better than none

Belleville News-Democrat
Q: Next year, I would like to design a combination Thanksgiving and Christmas greeting card and mail them a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. I was discussing my idea with some of my family at Thanksgiving and got mixed responses and weird looks.

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