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Local View: If 'none of the above' wins, reforms can follow

Duluth News Tribune
What if in addition to voting either for the Democrats' Hillary Clinton or the Republicans' Donald Trump, there was a specific “none of the above” choice? What if “none of the above” should win, might it not make sense to run two or more new candidates?

1939 Nobel Prize Peace Winner None News

Forum editorial: This time, none of the above

For the first time in more than half a century, The Forum declines to endorse the Republican candidate for president of the United States. It does not follow, however, that the endorsement goes to the Democratic candidate. This year, we suggest none of ...

1939 Nobel Prize Peace Winner None News

None has been a somewhat popular choice in Nevada

Nevada Appeal
Voters, especially first time Nevada voters, will see a ballot option not found in any other state when they go to the polls. In the races for president, federal and constitutional offices, Nevada gives the option of voting for “None of These ...

1939 Nobel Prize Peace Winner None News

Sullivan: It's time for none of the above

Boston Herald
This election is the best argument I've ever encountered for a change in our voting laws. Let's make “None of the Above” an option on every ballot. I'd love to claim such a magnificent idea as my own, but marking your ballot with a vote against all of ...

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