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Smug, toe-curling and underwritten: the many flaws of Master of None

The Guardian (blog)
When Master of None takes a gamble and it pays off – when it devotes 10 minutes of screen time to a silent argument between two deaf people, or when an episode consists of multiple first dates stitched together in a disorientating jumble – it can be ...


1914 Nobel Prize Peace Winner None News

Someone Calculated How Much Dev's Summer In Italy Cost In Master Of None

At the start of Master of None's second season, we find out Dev has traveled to Modena, Italy for a summer of pasta making and healing from a broken heart. What we don't find out is how much those three months abroad cost him. But thanks to Uproxx's ...

1914 Nobel Prize Peace Winner None News

This “Master of None” episode teaches a master class in empathy ...

I finally got around to watching the second season of Aziz Ansari's Netflix original series “Master of None.” Ansari has a gift: He's one of those guys who is funny ...

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1914 Nobel Prize Peace Winner None News

Japan's Spectacular Train Suite Shiki-shima Is Like None Other Kids ...

Japan's newly unveiled Train Suite Shiki-shima that travels at a leisurely pace of 110 kph [68mph] is a bit of an anomaly in a country known for maglev bullet ...

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