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1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Business Contributions and Campaign Finance in New York: Deep Historical Roots

Gotham Gazette
But these were the words of New York attorney and statesman Elihu Root, a Republican, and the constitutional convention was in 1894. Political insiders who were delegates to the convention opposed the amendment. It would cut off their campaign ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Puerto Ricans Got U.S. Citizenship 100 Years Ago—But Their ...

Even a century later, those who live in the U.S. territory have little autonomy.

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

States accept certain obligations in return for certain rights

Financial Times
Ironically, exactly 110 years ago, the then US secretary of state Elihu Root, in the editorial prefacing of the very first issue of the prestigious American Journal of International Law, stressed the importance of understanding the international rights ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Message From The Mayor Of Sullivan's Island: March 2017

Island Eye News
Roy showed a PowerPoint slide with an excerpt from the April 12, 1903 New York Times reporting from Charleston that: “Senator Tillman has written Dr. Edward McBrady, the historian, enclosing a letter from Secretary of War, (Elihu) Root saying that the ...

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