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1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Diplomats in Chief

The Weekly Standard
And historically, at any rate, most of the important secretaries of state in the 20th century were not business executives but lawyer-politicians with an interest in foreign affairs: Elihu Root, Charles Evans Hughes, Henry Stimson, Dean Acheson, John ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Reporting a war

Manila Bulletin
Moreover, news from the battlefront was heavily censored by General Elwell Otis and Secretary of War Elihu Root. However, the black (Negro) press would publish letters from American soldiers describing shocking atrocities. For example, L. S. Adams from ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

A radical new approach to the immigration “problem”: Full human rights

On the other hand, going as far back as Secretary of State Elihu Root's 1910 opinion that there should be an “international minimum standard” for the legal treatment of aliens, the court has also gone in the other direction. In Whitfield v. Hanges, the ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

The Old Squibnocket Club

Martha's Vineyard Magazine
Members were mostly New York business tycoons and also included Secretary of State Elihu Root, while among the visiting anglers were former President Chester Arthur and renowned naturalist Dr. Louis Agassiz. Affairs of state and industry were settled ...

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