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1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

The “grandmaster” logic behind Obama's audacious foreign policy

The Wilson Quarterly
Noted University of Wisconsin history professor Alfred W. McCoy has called Obama the “Grandmaster of the Great Game” — quite the superlative coming from a peer of the original architects of America's rise to global power, Elihu Root and Zbigniew ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Breaking the chessboard: the geopolitics of Obama's Asia pivot

ABC Online
As far as McCoy is concerned, Obama is in the league of only two other Americans in the field of geopolitics: Theodore Roosevelt's secretary of war, Elihu Root, and president Jimmy Carter's national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski. These three ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

MICHAEL POLIAKOFF: College ignorance and the threat to liberty

Washington Times
At Hamilton College, the call is to topple alumnus Elihu Root, winner of the 1912 Nobel Peace Prize — because he oversaw territories acquired in the Spanish — American War. These schools are among the many that don't require the study of American ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

A woman “found guilty of thinking”

It was a statement by former U.S. Senator from New York Elihu Root that eventually incensed Olivereau to more direct action. Speaking in Seattle, Root declared that it was unpatriotic to argue about the cause of the war, or to question whether the U.S ...

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