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1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Could Donald Trump's Veiled “Second Amendment” Threats Against Hillary Clinton Actually Inspire an Attack?

History News Network (HNN)
President Theodore Roosevelt adroitly dispatched New York native and hatchet man Secretary of War Elihu Root to New York to deflate any momentum out of the newspaper magnate's campaign. Root, speaking before a crowd in Syracuse, reminded voters ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

This Old House

Hamilton College News
The building was moved to a spot near the College Cemetery where it fell into further disrepair until 1925 when the former statesman Elihu Root, Class of 1864 and a longtime College trustee, saw to another relocation — this time to the heart of campus ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Boys of summer

Aspen Daily News
John Thorne in his baseball paean, “A Garden of Eden,” wrote that different rules applied in New York, Philadelphia, and Massachusetts as early as the 18th century, and that its roots could be traced back even further to the two English games of ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Donald Trump and the Long History of White Men Claiming Fraud

New York Magazine
Trump is not the first candidate to cry illegitimacy. Photo: Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images. In the first week of August, just as Hillary ...

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