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1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

The real story of how America became an economic superpower

His Republican opponents—men like Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge, and Elihu Root—wished to see America take its place among the powers of the earth. They wanted a navy, an army, a central bank, and all the other instrumentalities of power ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

A New Year's Wish: Why Not Try More Beneficial Benefit Planning?

Bloomberg BNA
(Sol Linowitz, The Betrayed Profession, p. 4 (New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1994), p. 4, quoting lawyer, cabinet member, diplomat, and Nobel Prize winner Elihu Root, ). It takes some guts for a professional to say it, and it takes some character ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Questions raised about lawyer in dispute over Scaife estate

Situations such as this can be “dangerous” for lawyers, said Stephen Gillers, legal ethics expert and the Elihu Root Professor of Law at New York University. “You paid me to get something done, and I can't seek to undo what I achieved for you. Lawyers ...

1912 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Elihu Root News

Plutocrats For Peace: The Nobel-Carnegie Model

... who reasonably might have been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize but have not been — a list that usually begins with Mohandas Gandhi — one nominee in 1913 was Andrew Carnegie, and the laureate in 1912 was Carnegie's associate Elihu Root. Of course ...

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