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1903 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Randal Cremer News

North Korea Says It Tested Its Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb Yet Because of the US' 'Belligerent Policy'

The Inter-Parliamentary Union was founded in 1889 by French economist Frederic Passy, winner of the first-ever Nobel Peace Prize in 1901, and U.K. politician William Randal Cremer, who himself won the prestigious award in 1903. The multinational body ...

1903 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Randal Cremer News

“Perdemos a capacidade de sonhar utopias”

... a história dos grandes utopistas, homens como o conde francês Saint-Simon (pioneiro da ideia da organização científica da sociedade e que em 1814 propôs uma federação de toda a Europa) ou William Randal Cremer (o pai da arbitragem internacional, ...

1903 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Randal Cremer News


Bem Parana
... Ernesto Teodoro Moneta e Louis Renault 1906: Theodore Roosevelt 1905: Bertha von Suttner 1904: Instituto de Direito Internacional 1903: William Randal Cremer 1902: Élie Ducommun e Charles Albert Gobat 1901: Jean Henry Dunant e Frédéric Passy ...

1903 Nobel Prize Peace Winner Randal Cremer News

Nobel Peace Prize Winners: Do you know who the first ten Peace Laureates were?

The Indian Express
William Randal Cremer – Nicknamed the “Member of Arbitration” by his colleagues in Parliament, he dedicated his life trying to use arbitration to resolve international conflicts, with the aim of preventing war. Cremer took the initiative for the ...

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