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'Motown the Musical' presents all of the songs, none of the heart

As a record company, Motown provided the soundtrack of American life in the latter half of the 20th century. As a Broadway production, “Motown the Musical” (playing through Sunday at Bass Concert Hall as a part of the Broadway in Austin series ...

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Pedro: None of us want to be part of the team that lose the 26-year unbeaten record against Spurs

We Ain't Got No History
Recently de-mustachioed Pedro's first season at Stamford Bridge may have been disappointing overall, but he's finishing strong -- several standout performances as of late, including a Man of the Match performance against Aston Villa and four straight ...

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None of the violence is casual: in 'Green Room,' it's terribly human

Little Village
What separates Green Room from its progenitors is that none of the violence on-screen is casual, no one in the film is faceless and, once the inevitable nightmare kicks-off, the pace and intensity make Green Room one of the most interesting and ...

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Regrets about Vietnam? Henry Kissinger has none

Though President Richard Nixon began a gradual withdrawal of American forces from Vietnam soon after taking office in 1969, he and Henry Kissinger — Nixon's national security adviser and later secretary of state — were determined to prosecute a lost ...

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