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1939 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner Gerhard Domagk News

The Upshot|We're Losing the Race Against Antibiotic Resistance, but There's Also Reason for Hope

New York Times
The discovery of prontosil, the first synthetic modern antibiotic, earned Gerhard Domagk the Nobel Prize in 1939. Mass-produced penicillin earned Alexander Fleming, Ernst Boris Chain and Howard Walter Florey one in 1945. It is hard to overstate how ...

1939 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner Gerhard Domagk News

Popping Antibiotics at Will? Your Death Risk Just Spiked

The New Indian Express
CHENNAI: Alarmed by the prediction that resistance to antibiotics will become the leading cause of death, overtaking cancer, in India in the next 10 years, a team of international experts including those from IIT-Madras is planning to monitor ...

1939 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner Gerhard Domagk News

A response to The Review's Western Civilization petition

The Stanford Daily
Yesterday, The Stanford Review released a manifesto and petition calling for the reintroduction of a Western Civilization requirement. Here are some quotes from the manifesto that particularly struck me: “We do not wish to ignite unnecessary controversy.”.

1939 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner Gerhard Domagk News

Nigeria: How to Develop a Nation Through Science and Technology (I)

Galileo Galilei, Michael Servetus, Henry Odenburg, Gerhard Domagk and Albert Einstein. What do all these people have in common? Some will be quick to say that all of them are scientists. Yes, indeed that would be a correct answer. Howbeit, that is not ...

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