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Starbucks' New Drinks Can Be Your Valentine

E! Online
Only have eyes for coffee (and chocolate) this Valentine's Day? Good news! Starbucks has three delicious, new beverages to take the place of a significant other, while you're still waiting to bump into and marry Jon Hamm. (Hey, it can happen.) Starting ...

1936 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner e News

Vaping business smokin' in the Valley but are e-cigs safe?

She says vaping actually re-enforces the behavior of smoking. It also lets users get their nicotine fix more often, in more places, making it more difficult to quit the act altogether. She also adds that e-cigarettes can cause respiratory asthma and ...

1936 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner e News

Some Colorado smokers burned by exploding e-cigarettes

The Denver Post
Electronic cigarettes are being championed as safer alternatives to old-school tobacco, but some users and one top Colorado doctor say e-cigarettes can explode and cause serious burns. Cordero Caples is recuperating at his Colorado Springs home after ...

1936 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner e News

Why Were the Super Bowl Commercials So Damn Creepy This Year?!

E! Online
Damn, companies. Why you gotta air commercials that will give us hellish nightmares for at least two weeks?! Super Bowl 2016 has wrapped up and there were a lot of highlights: Beyoncé letting Chris Martin perform next to her during the Pepsi Halftime ...

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