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1935 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner Hans Spemann News

Cloning: Copying Animals and Bringing Back Lost Species

Sputnik International
German embryologist Hans Spemann discovered embryonic induction in different parts of the embryo – essentially, the mechanism that instructs groups of cells develop into particular organs. Hilde Mangold, who considered Spemann to be his mentor, based ...

1935 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner Hans Spemann News

[Review] BMP gradients: A paradigm for morphogen-mediated developmental ...

Military Technologies
In this highly conserved system, BMP antagonists mediate the neural-inductive activities proposed by Hans Spemann and Hilde Mangold nearly a century ago. BMPs distributed in gradients subsequently function as morphogens to subdivide the three germ ...

1935 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner Hans Spemann News

The 10 best unsung female scientists

The Guardian
Although it was German embryologist Mangold's dissertation project that formed the basis of her adviser Hans Spemann's 1935 Nobel prize for the discovery of the embryonic organiser, he namechecked her just twice in his Nobel lecture. A decade earlier ...

1935 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner Hans Spemann News

Female Scientists Who Changed the World

Daily Beast
For instance, one person in the book, Hilde Mangold, was important because she helped Hans Spemann, a Nobel Prize winner. She did the experiment that won him the prize. Then she died in a very tragic accident. She was in her kitchen, and her furnace ...

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