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Ice T's "6 In The Mornin'" Changed Rap, 2nd II None Says

2nd II None released its eponymous album in 1991 and released its 13-cut Compton Muzik album this year. KK and Tha D say they have always appreciated Ice T's perspective, the street-centered and informative storytelling he brought to such songs as ...

1921 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner None News

NeNe Leakes: None Of The Atlanta Housewives Have Seen Me In 'Cinderella'

Huffington Post
Or, in other words, "the hate is real." In a HuffPost Live interview on Tuesday, the reality star told host Caitlyn Becker that "as of today, no housewife of Atlanta has been to the 'Cinderella' Broadway show" while she's been in it. Additionally ...

1921 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner None News

It's none of my business

The Christian Century (blog)
This week, I was speaking to a handful of strong, smart writers who were on their way to publishing major books, but they were nervous about entering the Wild West World of the Internet. How were they going to handle the criticism they would have to ...

1921 Nobel Prize Medicine Winner None News

Creating Leverage Where None Seems to Exist

Huffington Post
We all run into roadblocks. Sometimes the difference between success and failure comes down to the ability to adapt, adjust and create leverage where none seems to exist. This starts with your attitude to roadblocks. "Normal" people see them as part of ...

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