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California Aims Retirement Plan at Those Whose Jobs Offer None

New York Times
Couples along the beach in California, where a mandatory, state-run retirement plan will call for employers to automatically enroll workers, then start deducting 3 percent from each paycheck. Credit Mike Blake/Reuters. California is preparing to create ...

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'None of the above' running for president in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS — Matthew Roberts decided months ago to adopt a new nickname. “None of the Above.” He hopes it helps him stand out from 14 other presidential wannabes who've declared as write-in candidates in the Nov. 8 general election in Indiana.

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'Ain't No Fun If The Homies Can't Have None': Rape Culture In Rap ...

Hip Hop has a problem with songs about "running trains" with no regard for consent.

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A plan for the Clinton Foundation, none for Trump organization

The Boston Globe
No matter who wins, the next US president will be plagued by questions about where public interest ends and personal interest begins. For Hillary Clinton, the focus will be her family foundation. For Donald Trump, his whole business empire. This week ...

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