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2006 Nobel Prize Literature Winner Orhan Pamuk News

Simon Schama: By the Book

New York Times
David Grossman; Orhan Pamuk; Amitav Ghosh; Jennifer Egan; Alberto Manguel; Louise Glück; Mike Bartlett; David Remnick; A. M. Homes, André Aciman; Jonathan Safran Foer; Adam Gopnik; Marina Hyde; Jonathan Freedland; Nicole Krauss; Niall Ferguson ...

2006 Nobel Prize Literature Winner Orhan Pamuk News

In Orhan Pamuk's New Novel, a Youthful Obsession Yields a Haunted Life

New York Times
A sense of place animates many novelists, but few more than Orhan Pamuk, for whom personal geography is artistic destiny. Istanbul, his home and his muse, is the ever-present character in his novels; his city's often-uneasy equipoise between East and ...

2006 Nobel Prize Literature Winner Orhan Pamuk News

Sophocles's Oedipus meets Ferdowi's Sohrab and Rustom in Orhan Pamuk's The Red-Haired Woman

India Today
In The Red-Haired Woman, his deceptively slight new novel, Turkish Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk mixes the story of Oedipus, as told by Sophocles, with the story of Rostam and Sohrab from Ferdowsi's medieval Persian epic, Shahnameh. Oedipus, trying to ...

2006 Nobel Prize Literature Winner Orhan Pamuk News

Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk on the street feminism in his 10th novel, 'The Red-Haired Woman'

The red-haired woman in my story has the final say. We hear her interpretation both of the Oedipus myth and Ferdowsi's Rostam and Sohrab, and she turns them inside out. Orhan Pamuk. In discussion with former ambassador to Afghanistan Robert Finn at ...

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