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None but ourselves...
Jamaica Observer
It was Marcus Garvey who said we must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, because while others can free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. It was Bob Marley who put those words to lyrics as you might know. But it should be known that ...

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In Raid to Save Foley and Other Hostages, US Found None
New York Times
EDGARTOWN, Mass. — A secret nighttime military mission authorized by President Obama to rescue Americans held captive in Syria failed early this summer when a team of two dozen Delta Force commandos raided an oil refinery in the northern part of the ...

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Norquist: Local Internet projects are 'none of the FCC's business'
The Hill
"It's none of the FCC's business if state governments forbid cities from wasting taxpayer dollars." Norquist pointed to a pledge from the National Conference of State Legislatures — which represents state officials — to "take the FCC to court to stop ...

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Governor candidates commit to 3 traditional debates, none in Springfield
The State Journal-Register
CHICAGO — The candidates for Illinois governor agreed to three traditional debates ahead of November, but Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican Bruce Rauner bickered Wednesday about the number and what constituted a debate. What was clear was that both ...

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