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Satnav launches are like buses: none for ages then three arrive at once

The Register
Satellite navigation satellites turn out to be a lot like buses: there's none for ages, then three come along all at once. The first of the three launched on Wednesday to join the US Global Posititioning System constellation. The new bird is a Boeing ...

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LETTERS: 'None of the above' in mayor's race

Las Vegas Review-Journal
The Review-Journal is to be commended for refusing to endorse any candidate for mayor. Most residents of Las Vegas take no interest in politics, and it shows. For the most part, our elected officials lack the skills, talent and vision to hold key ...

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Single, married, separated, divorced? It's none of YDB

Since my "status" has recently changed, I have a question about all those forms we have to fill out at doctors' and dentists' offices, etc. Why is it necessary to mark a box for single, married, separated, divorced or widowed? I am considering putting ...

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Whittier Alliance Neighborhood Association Accused of Racism

The Whittier neighborhood is about 81-square blocks one mile south of downtown. Approximately 15,000 people live in the neighborhood. The ever-evolving neighborhood is 53 percent white and 47 percent people of color. Even with all that diversity in the ...

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