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1998 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Amartya Sen News

Commentary: Searching for Indonesia's Amartya Sen

Jakarta Globe
Indonesian policy makers rely on research produced outside of the country to inform themselves on key policy decisions shaping Indonesia's future.Research, essential to any development endeavor, is the building block of a knowledgeable economy and yet, ...

1998 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Amartya Sen News

Clear Hindutva Pattern in Appointments to Key Educational Institutions ...

In this special edition of 'We The People', Nobel laureate Amartya Sen warns against a "pattern" in RSS members being appointed to key educational and cultural institutions. He also counters arguments that people like him didn't speak up when political ...

1998 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Amartya Sen News

Fifth Column: Another argument

The Indian Express
So I was delighted that Dr Amartya Sen responded to my column last week. It gives me another chance to reiterate that Dr Sen and his fellow travellers and their leftist ideology are to blame for keeping the vast majority of Indians poor, hungry and ...

1998 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Amartya Sen News

Amartya Sen was right and wrong on social sector cuts; the FM needs to explain

Has the Narendra Modi government diabolically and massively slashed spending on the social sector and welfare schemes? Nobel laureate Amartya Sen says an emphatic yes. Is this a misleading allegation and are the deep cuts the fallout of the award of ...

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