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1998 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Amartya Sen News

Kerala is the first to dissent and this perturbs those at the helm: Kerala CM

National Herald
Amartya Sen had said that, 'there is a lot to learn from Kerala in delivering quality life.' Advocating the much acclaimed 'Kerala Model of Development' Sen also rolled out data which proved that we were far ahead of other Indian states in terms of ...

1998 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Amartya Sen News

Bringing Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler's insights closer home to Tamil Nadu

Deccan Chronicle
... seminal idea of 'Justice as Fairness', to late Oxford Philosopher R M Hare's distinction between 'guiding' and 'goading' in making moral choices without losing one's freedom, to Amartya Sen's range of reflections on Entitlements, Freedom and ...

1998 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Amartya Sen News

A Nobel moment in memory of the late Kenneth Arrow

Stanford University News
Winners gathered above, from left to right, are Sir James Mirrlees, 1996, University of Cambridge; Robert Solow, 1987, MIT; Roger Myerson, 2007, University of Chicago; ALVIN ROTH, 2012, Stanford; Amartya Sen, 1998, Harvard; Robert Lucas, 1995, ...

1998 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Amartya Sen News

Modi's policies eschew populism, enjoy public support: Jaitley

The Hindu
more than Paul Krugman or Amartya Sen. It is India's great misfortune that we have Govt. which is run by totally ignorant sycophants headed by an illiterate. The Sooner we get rid of this GOvt. , which i hope will happen in 2019, the better. The Middle ...

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