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1987 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Robert Solow News

As Reserve Bank boss, Philip Lowe will hold the course Glenn Stevens set

Sydney Morning Herald
Robert Solow, a Nobel-prize-winning economist who has been connected to MIT throughout his career, described it as a willingness to look beyond economic theory and "have a grasp of what was actually happening". It's probably not a stretch to say that ...

1987 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Robert Solow News

Capitalism: A Failing System – Book Review: The Rise and Fall of American Growth

Socialist Alternative
He quotes the work of another economist, Robert Solow: “We can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics.” These are not dry-as-dust statistics but help to explain the profound changes in the conditions of the American people ...

1987 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Robert Solow News

Even Late in Her Career, Jane Jacobs Made Predictions That Are Coming True Today

The MIT economist Robert Solow wrote that her 2000 book The Nature of Economies “[does not tell] us much about the nature of economies, beyond the pun itself.” For these reviewers, Jacobs should have long since retired from writing. But like early ...

1987 Nobel Prize Economics Winner Robert Solow News

The rearguard of the proletariat

Financial Times
But the interpretation that Robert Solow offers for the labour-capital shift applies even more enlighteningly to the concentration of remuneration from work. If a considerable share of economic output consists of market power rent rather than ...

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