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1968 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner Lars Onsager News

Riccardo Zecchina, l'uomo che insegna alle macchine come imparare

Ufficio Stampa dell’Università Bocconi
Grazie a questi risultati, Zecchina ha ricevuto vari riconoscimenti internazionali fra cui un ERC Advanced Grant per il progetto di ricerca Optimization and inference algorithms from the theory of disordered systems e nel 2016 il Lars Onsager Prize ...

1968 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner Lars Onsager News

Ising on the 2D cake: Raman in transition

It was not until the work of Lars Onsager in 1943 that it was suggested with some certainty that materials that follow the Ising spin model do have a phase transition. Nevertheless, this was mere theory, no experimental proof was forthcoming at the time.

1968 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner Lars Onsager News

We Just Got the First Experimental Proof of a 70-Year-Old Hypothesis of Magnetism

But despite the fact that this process was described more than 70 years ago by Nobel Prize-winning chemist Lars Onsager - and has been the basis of decades of research ever since - up until now, no one had ever actually confirmed it was real in the lab.

1968 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner Lars Onsager News

First experimental proof of a 70 year old physics theory

The solution came in 1943 courtesy of Lars Onsager, who received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1968. Indeed, Onsager found that the materials, which follow the Ising spin model, have a phase transition. However, despite the huge importance this ...

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