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None dare call it 'free speech'? Who actually used the term 'hate speech'?
GetReligion (blog)
Did the judge call it "hate speech" or is the reporter deciding/siding with one side? I honestly can't tell... Me neither, to be blunt. So here is the top of the story: A controversial group of black street preachers who spew hate speech at whites ...

1933 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner None News

Is anyone buying albums anymore? None made platinum this year
Last year, the bad news out of the music industry was that none of the top-selling albums had gone triple platinum. This year, the bad news is worse: there might not be any platinum-selling studio albums at all. The end of the year is nigh, and not one ...

1933 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner None News

Dev Explains Why Ether One Is Not Coming On Xbox One, 'None of the Team ...
White Paper Games' Ether One may not be the most inventive new adventure game but it certainly incorporates an interesting approach, allowing you to do things the easier way or embark on a more difficult quest throughout. It will be heading to PS4 ...

1933 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner None News

Book review: Howard Baldwin's Slim and None captures fun and craziness of ...
Edmonton Journal (blog)
Howard Baldwin isn't a household name these days, but he has had a pretty thrilling life and he's been at the centre of some of the most pivotal moments in the modern history of professional hockey. Starting with an entry-level job on a team at the ...

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