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1918 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner Fritz Haber News

Histoires 14-18 : Fritz Haber, bienfaiteur de l'humanité et criminel de guerre

Ypres, dans les Flandres belges. Par deux fois, en 1915 et en 1917, ce secteur sera le théâtre des premières attaques au gaz de chlore puis au gaz moutarde. Le père de ces sinistres inventions, un savant allemand, Fritz Haber, un chercheur pour le ...

1918 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner Fritz Haber News

Montreal changes a street name and the city flag out of respect for Indigenous peoples

Cult MTL
Maintaining an important downtown street in Amherst's honour is the historical equivalent of paying tribute to Fritz Haber, the German Jewish scientist who pioneered a viable method for mass-producing ammonia-based fertilizer, but who also weaponized ...

1918 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner Fritz Haber News

With Designer Bacteria, Crops Could One Day Fertilize Themselves

For the last 100 years, ever since German chemists Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch figured out how to pluck fertilizer out of thin air with brute-force chemistry, farmers have relied on an imperfect product to make their plants grow: fertilizer. Production ...

1918 Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner Fritz Haber News

Hydrogens caught tunnelling in tandem

Chemistry World (subscription)
Takashi Kumagai from the Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin, Germany, and colleagues managed to get snapshots of two hydrogen atoms tunnelling together from one side of a porphycene molecule to the other during tautomerisation. 'It's a nice fundamental ...

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