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Let 'None of the above' be a choice on our ballots
Every election, we are given the freedom to choose a leader. This is democracy at its best. However, are we also free to vote “none of the above” because the candidates for an elective post are unsuitable to be our leaders? Or do we rest content with ...

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10 Bay Area startups pitched at Demo but none were 'Gods' this year
Silicon Valley Business Journal
None of the 10 Bay Area startups that pitched on their home turf on Wednesday and Thursday were selected as one of the five so-called "Demo Gods." The awards went to two companies from Austin, Texas, and one each from Carlsbad, Cambridge and New ...

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'TopDog/UnderDog' at None Too Fragile tense, heartbreaking
The audience at None Too Fragile's opening night production of "TopDog/UnderDog" on Nov. 14 gave the performance a standing ovation. It was well deserved. Actors Brian Kenneth Armour and Robert Samuel Grant III, and director Sean Derry have created ...

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Editorial: Fort Lauderdale — charity toward none
Richmond Times-Dispatch
The top Internet search result for Fort Lauderdale the other day didn't draw attention to sunny beaches or fine hotels. It announced the arrest of 90-year-old Arnold Abbott and two ministers for feeding the homeless. The convention and visitors bureau ...

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