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Paul Fleischman

Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices

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1989 Newbery Medal Winner Paul Fleischman News

COLUMN: Avondale residents proud and fighting for every house in hope of renaissance

The hospital asked for no tax money for a project that cost nearly $100 million more than the publicly financed Paul Brown Stadium. It will create permanent, high-paying jobs and loads of tax revenue for the city and Hamilton County. And most ...

1989 Newbery Medal Winner Paul Fleischman News

New avenue for precision cancer treatment discovered

Science Daily
Cell Chemical Biology, 2017; 24 (7): 787 DOI: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2017.05.023; Marcus John Long, Hong-Yu Lin, Saba Parvez, Yi Zhao, Jesse Richard Poganik, Paul Huang, Yimon Aye. β-TrCP1 Is a Vacillatory Regulator of Wnt Signaling. Cell Chemical ...

1989 Newbery Medal Winner Paul Fleischman News

Who was Dodi Al Fayed? Princess Diana's lover who died in Paris tunnel crash with her in 1997

The Sun
But he was informed at 3.45am UK time that the Princess had died of her injuries. An inquest held in London concluded in 2008 that the Princess had been unlawfully killed, blaming the crash on grossly negligent driving by Paul and the pursuing paparazzi.

1989 Newbery Medal Winner Paul Fleischman News

New Victory Theater Announces 2017-18 Season Lineup

... the world premiere of Rennie Harris: Funkedified (June 1-10, 2018); Children's Theatre Company's production of Seedfolks (May 4-11, 2018), based on the book by Newbery Medal-winning Paul Fleischman (Joyful Noise); Air Play (March 30-April 15, 2018) ...

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