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2014 Miss World Winner {{ London, UK News

Pressure mounts as Apprentice candidates tackle London property market

Belfast Telegraph
As deals begin to fall through, one team take a resigned approach while the other's hard sell goes into overdrive as they pound London's streets. And once again, Karren Brady has to step in to stop one candidate fluffing the truth. The two teams gather ...

2014 Miss World Winner {{ London, UK News

What London would look like during a terror attack: Armed officers train to ...

An unassuming office block in the City of London was filled with the sound of gunfire on Tuesday as it was stormed by cops acting as terrorist attackers in a Metropolitan Police training exercise. Around 25 masked and armed officers stormed the ...

2014 Miss World Winner {{ London, UK News

Shah Rukh Khan's Dilwale UK takeover: The King Khan comes to London

International Business Times UK
Shah Rukh Khan descended on London today (1 December) for a whirlwind promotional tour for his next Bollywood blockbuster Dilwale. Dubbed the Dilwale UK Takeover, Shah Rukh dominated British TV news and media, sparking a fan frenzy, as the King ...

2014 Miss World Winner {{ London, UK News

Jeremy Corbyn and Hilary Benn in open conflict as leader warns Labour MPs they ...

The night before MPs vote on air strikes, protestors are gathering in major cities across the UK to object. Organised by action group Stop The War, one rally in London is now assembling in Parliament Square and later will proceed to the Labour and Tory ...

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