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2014 Miss World Winner {{ London, UK News

Unskilled Poles 'fleeing UK for German jobs' amid Brexit fallout

Evening Standard
“Culturaly people come to the UK because we are still a relatively welcoming nation but because of the water it's much harder to go and see your mum at the weekend compared to Germany where you have a very long drive but you can do it there and back in ...

2014 Miss World Winner {{ London, UK News

UK GDP: Official growth of just 0.3% amid 'notable slowdown'

Evening Standard
Britain's economy is in the grip of a “notable slowdown” with growth of just 0.3 per cent in the second quarter of the year, official figures revealed today. Worryingly, output in the construction industry and manufacturing both fell. The economy had ...

2014 Miss World Winner {{ London, UK News

Acid attacks in the UK – how many have there been in London and where have the latest taken place?

The Sun
But London's spike has been worse than anywhere else and now more than half of the UK's acid attacks take place in the capital. What's more troubling for Scotland Yard is that the boom has been centralised on one specific area of the city. Newham, in ...

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2014 Miss World Winner {{ London, UK News

Stripped and hosed down in the street, the latest victims of UK's 'face-melter' gangland craze: Two teens scream in ...

Daily Mail
Two young men suffered scorched and bleached skin and were 'screaming in agony' after having acid thrown in their faces in the latest London 'face-melter' attack. The victims were heard frantically yelling: 'We've got acid on us' and staggered into an ...

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