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2012 Miss World Winner Wen Xia Yu News

China's bonds offer good yields, liquidity and size...so why do foreign investors avoid them?

South China Morning Post
China undertook another major step towards liberalising its capital market this week, with the official launch of the China-Hong Kong Bond Connect. Following the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule, the People's Bank of China and the ...

2012 Miss World Winner Wen Xia Yu News

Why global monetary tightening may be good news for China

South China Morning Post
“All the world's a stage,” wrote English playwright William Shakespeare. As major central banks now appear to wish to issue new-stage instructions, investors may perhaps have to learn a new script. In recent days the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England ...

2012 Miss World Winner Wen Xia Yu News

Low oil prices not just caused by a supply glut | South China ...

South China Morning Post
Lower oil prices are not just the result of a supply glut. The fact is that both before and since the global financial crisis, the pace of world economic productivity ...

2012 Miss World Winner Wen Xia Yu News

Opinion: China deserves credit for playing its economic hand deftly

South China Morning Post
Risk associated with China's attempts to rein in credit may have leapt to first place among global fund managers' surveyed recently by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, but so far the sky is not falling and, overall, Beijing is making a decent fist of ...

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