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Gina Marie Tolleson

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1990 Miss World Winner Gina Marie Tolleson News

APN 2015 Fundraiser Update – Help Support Atlanta's Independent News Service

Atlanta Progressive News
350_nine_year_anniversary (APN) ATLANTA — Thank you, thank you, thank you! That is what I want to say to our readers and donors, who have made this–Atlanta Progressive News's tenth year of publication–our best year to date!

1990 Miss World Winner Gina Marie Tolleson News

Common Cause Files IRS Tax Fraud Claim against ALEC

Atlanta Progressive News
(APN) ATLANTA — The national organization Common Cause has filed a whistleblower Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax fraud claim against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). They are charging ALEC with falsely claiming to be a ...

1990 Miss World Winner Gina Marie Tolleson News

Gammon Street Closure Escalates Racial Tensions in Gentrifying South Atlanta

Atlanta Progressive News
gammon (APN) ATLANTA — For over one month, Gammon Street, a public road in South Atlanta, has been closed off under questionable legal and political circumstances. The closure appears to have been prompted by the complaints of White residents, ...

1990 Miss World Winner Gina Marie Tolleson News

Myriad Drama Abounds in HD 55 Special Election

Atlanta Progressive News
Marie Metze has once again proved she is mean-spirited and this is not what we want from our represented [sic],” the robocall stated, the voice purporting to be a District 55 voter, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Political Insider blog ...

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