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1952 Miss World Winner May-Louise Flodin News

Miss Jamaica Is The First Contestant To Wear Dreadlocks To Miss World Pageant

Huffington Post Canada
"I lock my hair because I identify with it," Myrie says. "I am very much rooted in that Afro-centric nature, where we as Jamaicans are rooted. It's my expression. The only thing to eclipse the natural beauty of Jamaica is the spirit of its people ...

1952 Miss World Winner May-Louise Flodin News

Holy Sh*t! It's Been 15 Years Since Priyanka Chopra Was Crowned Miss World!

Huffington Post India
Priyanka Chopra may well be proud of her accomplishment. She is one of the many beautiful Indian women who have earned the glittering Miss World crown. Let's take a look at who else made India proud by winning the coveted title. Here's to many more ...

1952 Miss World Winner May-Louise Flodin News

Miss World Competition Bans Bikini Rounds From Future Pageants

Huffington Post Canada
The group and its annual event abides by the "beauty with a purpose" credo, and will replace the bathing suits with a "beachwear" event instead. "There didn't seem to be a purpose to have the swimsuit," said Chris Wilmer, national director of Miss ...

1952 Miss World Winner May-Louise Flodin News

Three Cheers For Argentinian Town Chivilcoy Which Has Banned 'Sexist' Beauty Pageants

Huffington Post UK
The town council of Chivilcoy has reportedly chosen to end their beauty contest traditions on the grounds that such events encourage an obsession with physical beauty and illnesses like bulimia and anorexia. They also aired concerns that pageants can ...

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