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Monica Lewinsky recalls pain and humiliation after revelation of affair with Bill ...
New York Daily News
Monica Lewinsky was "in love" with former President Bill Clinton, the disgraced former intern revealed Monday. "Sixteen years ago, fresh out of college … I fell in love with my boss," the infamous former White House staffer told a business conference Monday ...

2014 Miss Universe Winner  News

BREAKING NEWS: Indiana police ID suspect in murder of at least 7 women
Fox News
DEVELOPING: Police in northwest Indiana identified the suspected serial killer believed to have murdered seven women, and warned at a news conference that the body county could rise. The man accused of killing a woman Friday at a Hammond, Ind., ...

2014 Miss Universe Winner  News

Obama Promotes Early Voting in Illinois
President Barack Obama promoted early voting in his home state of Illinois on Monday by casting his ballot near his home in Chicago. “I'm so glad I can early vote here,” Obama said after emerging from the voting booth. He did not tell media gathered at the ...

2014 Miss Universe Winner  News

Now a Giants scout, Steve Balboni says bye, bye to K.C. loyalty
Photo: Stephen Lam / Special To The Chronicle Advance scout Steve Balboni is a member of the Giants' brain trust that is looking for clues as to how to beat the Royals. Advance scout Steve Balboni is a member of the Giants' brain... Image 2 of 4. Photo: Rich ...


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