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Alaska TV Reporter Quits on Air to Promote Marijuana
Wall Street Journal
The debate over Alaska's coming vote legalizing recreational pot use took a surprise twist when a TV reporter said on air that she owns a medical-marijuana business and was quitting her job to support the effort. KTVA reporter Charlo Greene, 26 years old, ...

2014 Miss Universe Winner  News

Five things: Ravens owner disputes scathing ESPN report
(CNN) -- It was obvious that Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti didn't like his organization's integrity being questioned. On Monday, he sat down (didn't use a lectern) to talk with sports reporters about last week's ESPN report that implied the Ravens' top ...

2014 Miss Universe Winner  News

Treasury cracks down on corporate tax 'inversions'
WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department will crack down on so-called tax "inversions," targeting companies that try to avoid taxes by moving their headquarters overseas. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said the new rules would help close what he called a ...

2014 Miss Universe Winner  News

Prosecutor: White House intruder had 800 rounds of ammo in car, prior run-ins ...
Fox News
The intruder who evaded Secret Service and bolted into the White House on Friday was found with 800 rounds of ammunition in his car and had two prior run-ins with the law this year, officials said. The details emerged during an initial court appearance for ...


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