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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Searchers Treating Debris as Major Lead

ABC News
Investigators are treating a piece of airplane debris that washed ashore on a small French island near Madagascar as a major lead in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the Australian deputy prime minister said today. Warren Truss called ...

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2014 Miss Universe Winner  News

Afghan peace talks postponed amid reports of Mullah Omar's death: Pakistan

ISLAMABAD A second round of peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban militants due to be held in Pakistan have been postponed amid reports of the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar's death, the Pakistani foreign office said Thursday.

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2014 Miss Universe Winner  News

Washington DC is sinking into the sea through a process of “forebulge collapse”

The Standard Daily
Washington DC Geologists say Washington DC is gradually sinking into the sea through a process known as “forebulge collapse.” This means the government of the United States is sitting on a waterbed that is heaving and could gradually collapse over the ...


2014 Miss Universe Winner  News

Israel passes law to force feed fasting prisoners

Israel has passed a highly contentious new law allowing the force-feeding of Palestinian hunger strikers, despite warnings from the United Nations and other bodies that it could constitute torture. The law, first approved by the cabinet last summer ...


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