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Analysts: Greek Government's Post-Referendum Future Unsure

New York Times
ATHENS, Greece — Whether Greeks decide in Sunday's referendum to accept their lenders' bailout deal or reject it, the government's hold on power may be shakier than its brash prime minister has calculated, analysts say. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ...

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2013 Miss Universe Winner  News

Solar-powered plane lands in Hawaii, pilot sets nonstop record

A Swiss man attempting to circumnavigate the globe with an aircraft powered only by the sun's energy landed in Hawaii on Friday, after a record-breaking five-day nonstop solo flight across the Pacific Ocean from Japan. The Solar Impulse 2 is the first ...

2013 Miss Universe Winner  News

Iran's nuclear deal: The toughest of all challenges

BBC News
We're fast approaching the 70th anniversary next month of the dropping of the first nuclear bomb, on Hiroshima. The world changed on 6 August 1945. Arguably, the appalling effects of that first atomic strike - and the subsequent attack on Nagasaki ...


2013 Miss Universe Winner  News

Hillary Clinton hopes Iran talks yield deal in the next week

Economic Times
HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton said on Friday she hoped 18 months of nuclear talks between Iran and major powers would yield a deal in coming days to curb Iran's nuclear program. The groundwork for the ...



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