Who Won the 1998
Miss Universe

Wendy Fitzwilliam

Trinidad & Tobago

1997 Miss Universe Winner
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Wendy Fitzwilliam News

1998 Miss Universe Winner Wendy Fitzwilliam News

Giá đắt đỏ của việc đưa hoa hậu đi thi quốc tế

Zing News
Vương miện HHHV 1998 thuộc về Wendy Fitzwilliam, 3 á hậu (1995, 1997, 2004) và 3 lần vào Top 10/Top 15 (2003, 2005, 2006). Còn tại cuộc thi HHTG thì được 3 á hậu (1995, 2007, 2008) với 2 lần vào vòng tứ kết/bán kết (2003, 2004). Sau khi Peter Elias ...

1998 Miss Universe Winner Wendy Fitzwilliam News

Keron Clarke — La Horquetta's football star

Trinidad News
INTERIM chairman of the Alliance of Independents Joe Pires says the movement will decide, possibly in three weeks, if it will contest the upcoming general election, constitutionally due in September . “Maybe in two to three weeks, we will be able to ...

1998 Miss Universe Winner Wendy Fitzwilliam News

The spectre of emailgate

Trinidad and Tobago News (blog)
Parliament I must confess that I was taken completely by surprise with the news reports last week confirming that the police had received “voluminous” information from Internet service provider Google on the emailgate issue and that the alleged e-mails ...

1998 Miss Universe Winner Wendy Fitzwilliam News

Our Modern Cannibalism: Why Winter Brings Out The Worst In Some Of Us

J. Kates: When public transportation grinds to a halt, we throw our iciest snowballs at the people working to get and keep the trains and buses moving. In this photo, Alma Az, 43, waits for a bus on Concord Ave. Cambridge, as she makes her way to work ...

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