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1967 Miss Universe Winner Sylvia Hitchcock News

Theater Listings for Oct. 2-8

New York Times
'Sylvia' (previews start on Friday; opens on Oct. 27) If Annaleigh Ashford succeeds in her first starring turn on Broadway, give that woman a biscuit and a pat on the head. Ms. Ashford, who won a Tony Award for supporting work, .... '39 Steps' This ...

1967 Miss Universe Winner Sylvia Hitchcock News

Kim Novak trips down memory lane at In Love with the Stars gallery

The Globe and Mail
In one of the many now-famous scenes in Alfred Hitchcock's famously haunting psychological thriller Vertigo, Jimmy Stewart spots Kim Novak across a restaurant room wallpapered in vermilion silk, and the camera tracks closer to her bare shoulder ...

1967 Miss Universe Winner Sylvia Hitchcock News

Shock of the new: the books that were ahead of their time

New Statesman
... roman novelists she admired – with the bonus of humour and a ventriloquist's dummy that comes to a sticky end. Berg exported its Oedipal themes and new literary grammar to the seedy Brighton of the 1960s in a vision that Hitchcock would have relished.

1967 Miss Universe Winner Sylvia Hitchcock News

For Point Loma debut novelist, art imitates life (and vice versa)

San Diego Community Newspaper Group
1960s heiress Sylvia van Dam's loser fiancé is in love with her eventual fortune, and present-day itinerant artist Anne McFarland doggedly searches for Sylvia and fights self-defeatism as she seeks to mount a one-woman exhibit. A supposedly innocuous ...

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