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2000 Miss America Winner Heather French News

Even without winning elections, populists are setting the European Union's agenda

The Economist
And although for now the attention is on migrants from outside Europe, populists will readily exploit French fears of Polish plumbers, or German angst over Romanian welfare tourists, should it prove expedient. To stave off such anxiety, the EU will ...

2000 Miss America Winner Heather French News

Southend Council parking officers are accused of fraud by fiddling ...

TWO former council workers appeared in court accused of making nearly £13000 by fiddling parking tickets and permits.

2000 Miss America Winner Heather French News

Three boards, three viewpoints: French education in Dufferin ...

Orangeville Citizen
French Immersion has suddenly become a hot-button topic in Dufferin County, but what are the options for French language instruction, in the county and who ...

2000 Miss America Winner Heather French News

What's Your Damage, Heather? Shannen Doherty Joins Heathers TV Reboot

E! Online
The show, which has not yet been picked up to series, is a reimagining of the black comedy in the present day, where the outcasts that Doherty's Heather Duke and co. once would have bullied are now the popular (and evil) ruling class of their high school.

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