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2000 Miss America Winner Heather French News

Barr Unveils Bill to Address Military Sexual Trauma

Deputy Commissioner of Kentucky Veterans Affairs Heather French-Henry served on the task force charged with helping to create the legislation addressing military sexual trauma. “While we have known about MST for many, many years. It's not time to walk ...

2000 Miss America Winner Heather French News

Reform and Responsibility Tour stops in Louisville in effort to prevent impaired driving accidents

The National Center for DWI Courts' Reform and Responsibility Tour made its first-ever stop in Louisville Thursday morning. The tour is bringing state leaders and national experts together to work on solutions that can help Kentucky put an end to ...

2000 Miss America Winner Heather French News

Cayman couple inquest delay

Farnham Herald
This was followed by an inquest review last week, in which Hampshire coroner Andrew Bradley confirmed he still requires further information before delivering a verdict, and set the next review date for October 31. Heather French, the coroner's ...

2000 Miss America Winner Heather French News

Miss America 2018: 10 contestants to watch at the Atlantic City pageant

It may be a fool's errand to try to predict who will win the 2018 Miss America pageant, even if you do care about the Atlantic City show, which airs 9 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 10 on ABC. (Given the musical selections of the event over the past few years, "A ...

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